“To have courage for whatever comes in life

everything lies in that” 

Theresa von Avila







Yoga is a  Sanskrit term meaning " to joke". Figuratively this means to control the mind. 


In our western world we have lost the ability to see and feel our body and mind as an entity.

The practice of Yoga helps us to establish a better body consciousness. Gradually you hear the signals of your body that tells you which is good for us and which harms. Yoga leads to a better mindfulness, Yoga is conscious and mindful living.


Every individual comes to a Yoga class with her/his own thoughts, imaginations, concerns and expectations. Everyone brings his own experiences, his body and its excellences and weaknesses, his health issues. 


In the individualized teaching I am able to design the Yoga practice due to your special needs and wishes. This personal relationship reflects the origin of Yoga which was taught by one teacher to one student.





Individual teaching / 2-person-teaching


60 minutes for 60,- € 

90 minutes for 90,- €.