"There is no such thing as a disembodied mind.

The mind is implanted in the brain, and the brain is implanted in the body."

Antonio Damasio 


In my coaching activities I accompany people in their personal and professional delveopment. I focus on the support of executive managers to fulfill their leading role, to deal with difficult people and conflicts and also to prepare and lead negotiations. My approach focuses on the improvement of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence starts with the still to perceive your own moods, emotions and your own personal needs and requirements.  Since emotions become noticeable through body signals a good body perception is a clue in self perception and should be addressed as such. 

Therefore I am convinced that a good coaching has to include the body awareness. I designed a special program to improve body awareness and support you individually in noticing and comprehending your emotions better and more consciously. Check the website www.coachinginstitutberlin.de 


Let your body become your coach!